Climate and Environmental Education

YRDP and DVV International empower Cambodian youth in responding to the impacts of climate change.

The Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) is a leading youth organization in Cambodia, firmly established in the field of civic and peace education and youth empowerment. Since its inception in 1992 and formal registration in 1998, YRDP has grown into a vital player with significant impact at the grass roots level as well as on the regional and national policy stage, advocating for youth’s interests. YRDP works predominantly with Cambodian youth and university students in particular.

The organisation encourages youth in the development of critical thinking skills, empowerment to utilise their civil and political rights, and strengthening of social conscience for positive social action on behalf of their own future, family, community and country.

Youth Movement for Climate Change Response Project

The Youth Movement for Climate Change Response Project was initiated in YRDP in 2010 aims to engage youth in responding to the impacts of climate change and to empower them to take actions toward a sustainable use of natural resource and environmental management.

As the majority of Cambodian population are young people, it is important to engage youth in decision making processes at different levels of policy discussions related to environmental sustainability. Through this project, YRDP aims to increase the capacity of members of networks working on climate change, ensure the functioning of already existing networks, increase the understanding of youth on climate change and environment and mobilise youth to take actions responding to green environment and other climate actions.

Key Activities in Climate and Environmental Education

  • Training on climate change concept and its impacts including field practice
  • Capacity and Team Building for Program Assistant Volunteers (PAVs)
  • 4Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse) Campaign
  • Tree-planting campaign

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