July 2017

Development and Incorporation of the Lifelong Learning Curriculum for National University of Lao in Thalat, Vientiane Province

As part of the cooperation plan for year 2017 between DVV International and  Faculty of Education, National University of Laos (NUOL), a workshop was held aiming at integrating the Lifelong Learning Curriculum into the Technology-Environment Course.

The workshop has been planned and organized by the faculty of education with the support of DVV International Regional Office, Vientiane Laos  and took place on the 05 - 08 July 2017 at Thalat guest house, Vientiane province.

The meeting brought together 29 officials from various departments of MOES, the representatives of three Universities, Champasak, Savannakhet and Souphanouvong (Louangphabang) University and of the Faculty of Education of NUOL and two members of DVV International. The meeting was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Athitouthay Chatouphonxay, Dean of Faculty of Education.

Main objective of the meeting was to write and incorporate the LLL module into technology-environment course offered at the Faculty of Education.

In order to stimulate all participants to think more comprehensively and constructively in the working group, the participants were divided into 5 groups to discuss and research the 5 following questions:

  1. Basic knowledge of LLL.
  2. Theory of teaching-learning for adult.
  3. Communication and working group.
  4. Teaching methodology for adult.
  5. Planning, implementing and evaluating (The process of learning-teaching for adult).

The results of the five working groups on each of the five issues were elaborated together, combining the different recommendations. All participants agreed on the final draft which will be checked and edited again at the Faculty of Education before the final implementation of the ToT to use in August in the curriculum.


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