September 2017

Integrated Lifelong Learning into Curriculum in National University of Lao

To be continued the cooperation between the Faculty of Education, National University of Laos and DVV International,  the  writing  basic Lifelong Learning content to be integrated in the line subject of technology in daily life and environment of faculty of education was successfully completed on 5-8 July 2017. On 14 August 2017 the editing workshop was help at the Faculty of Education with main objective to edit the draft of LLL Module. This Workshop was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Athith Outhay Chatouphonexay, the Dean of Faculty of Education and Mr. Uwe Gartenschlaeger, Regional Director of DVV International Regional Office  South and Southeast Asia, together with teachers of Faculty of Education, Department of Non-Formal Education and Non-Formal Education Development Centre totally 24 persons. The basic Lifelong Learning module is included 5 main topics: 1) Basic knowledge on Lifelong Learning. 2)  Adult Education Theory. 3) Communication and teamwork. 4) Adult teaching method. 5) Planning, Implementation, Evaluation. The workshop was organized for 5 days and was closed successfully as expected on 18 August 2017. In additional, the both sides will continue organizing the meeting for determine teaching method and publishing to the teachers at the Faculty of Education on 21-25 August 2017.

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