Training of Master Trainers

With the aim of improving the teaching in the Non-formal Education System in Lao PDR, DVV International and Department of Non-Formal Education are training master teachers who will then work as multiplicators and train other local facilitators in their own provinces.

The quality of designing and implementing the teaching process is a key factor for the success of Non-Formal Education. With this understanding, the Department of Non-formal Education of the MoES and DVV International joined forces to initiate a project called Training of Master Trainers (ToMT). The project intended to train adult educators who will be able to combine methodical expertise with an understanding of the concept of Andragogy and Life Long Learning.

"The concept of adult education will transform how we teach and how people learn in Laos, shifting from a teacher centered to a learner centered approach."

Ms. Beykham Saleumsouk, Project Manager, Capacity Development and M&E Officer of DVV International

What is the Training of Master Trainers?

On the basis of the Curriculum golbeALE the program has been shaped on the local context and needs of Lao PDR.

In order to train and up skill adult educators of Lao PDR, the training plan focused on practice rather than theory, taking into regard the Lao culture and the local learning habits. Therefore, some additional practical exercises such as coaching and mentoring on site and an elective Module on Gender mainstreaming have been integrated, on the basic guidelines of Curriculum golbeALE.

Training of Master Trainers: Table of Modules

Module 0 - Introductory Module
Module 1 - Approaches to Adult Learning
Module 2 - Adult Learning
Module 3 - Group Dynamics and
Module 4 - Methods of Adult Education
Module 5 - Planning, Organising & Evaluating
Elective Module - Gender mainstreaming in NFE

The participants

Participants, 35 in total, come mainly from the Department of Non Formal Education's structures, but there were also members of local and civil societies organisations, such as

  • Lao Women Union,
  • Lao Youth Union,
  • Vocational Skill Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare,
  • National University of Laos (NUOL)
  • Lao Disable Women Development Center and
  • Huam Jai Asasamak Association

The implementing Partners

The Training of Master Trainer is a two years project developed in cooperation between DVV International and Department of Non-Formal Education with the support of

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