Establishing Volunteer Programmes in CLCs and LLLCs

The non-formal education system suffers from an acute shortage of teachers that becomes particular evident in Community Learning Centres.  Because of shortages in (human) resources, non-formal education in Cambodia will still for a long time depend on the support of the formal education sector, especially regarding the provision of teachers. In order to address the immediate shortage of trainers and teachers in CLCs/LLLCs as well as to ensure that future teachers in the formal system also have substantial knowledge about non-formal education, DVV International initiated a volunteer programme with the DNFE as well as with the General Department of Youth in the MoEYS which now regularly sends young volunteers with a solid educational background to CLCs to act as teachers in various subjects for a couple of months in order to gain practical experience of teaching in rural and remote areas which often involves ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged groups. Guidelines for these placements have already been developed and it is hoped that this process can be institutionalized in the long run.

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