Women Empowerment through Non-Formal Education

In its three-year strategy from 2021-2023 DVV International will particularly focus on the needs of women. Therefore a study on women`s barriers to (non-formal) education was conducted in the end of 2020. Based on the results of this study DVV I will develop three approaches that benefit women particularly in remote and rural areas.

The project objective in the three-year-strategy reads as follows:

“Actors in NFE have been strengthened in providing target-oriented adult education activities to women, particularly in rural and remote areas.”

The corresponding indicators read:

“3 ALE/NFE concepts to support women have been developed and piloted in 5 villages by the end of the funding phase. On-going evaluation of the pilots provides evidence about the achievement of the intended learning outcomes.”

“At least three institutions/organisations have been particularly trained in managing NFE activities and thereby applying new NFE approaches for women. A follow-up survey provides evidence if the trainers have achieved the intended learning outcomes.”

In order to achieve the project objective, DVV I partners with the Department of Non-Formal Education (DNFE) and will develop approaches in the following three areas:

  1. Addressing gender for women and men as a target group with the aim to ensure that women`s traditional barriers to education will decrease and the role of women will be strengthened.
  2. Soft Skills for Women that enhance women`s self-esteem and self-confidence
  3. Mobile Skills Trainings for Women


  • Training Concepts for all three areas will be developed.
  • Training concepts will be piloted in NFE structures by a group of trainers, particularly from ToMT
  • Training concepts will be adjusted based on experiences in pilot trainings and will feed into a handbook for NFE trainers
  • NFE staff will be trained in using the handbook for training (1 or 2 per province or alternatively: NFEDC and northern and southern centre)
  • NFE staff implements trainings based on handbook
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