Lifelong Learning Policy

Together with the UNESCO Office in Phnom Penh, DVV International supported the Department for Non-Formal Education (DNFE) in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) in developing a Lifelong Learning Policy which was approved by the Cambodian Prime Minister in June 2019. This policy will pave the way for a new foundational concept for the entire Cambodian education sector enabling people to learn from cradle to grave in multiple ways and in many different locations. Since the approval of the degree DVV International supports the ministry in the implementation process. While one concrete example of an approach within the policy is the transformation of Community Learning Centres (CLCs) into Lifelong Learning Centres (LLLCs), one important step forward is the development of an action plan to outline priorities for implementation. One important aspect for DVV International in the framework of the policy evidently is adult education which is why in the current project phase DVV International aims at developing particular ALE approaches such as the introduction of adult education methodologies based on the Curriculum GlobALE.

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