Kick-off Event-Opening Trainers in Non-Formal Education in Lao PDR at the Non-formal Education Development Center(Km 8) on 16-17 December

“Create opportunity for all Lao population to have equitable access to education with a focus on education quality development to develop Lao citizens to become disciplined, brave, qualified and professional in self and as nation and to reduce disparities between urban and rural areas.” This new vision clearly underpins the importance for the development of all education sub-sectors, including the NFE and puts a clear focus on quality and access of education. On this background, the Department of Non-formal Education and DVV International co-operate to organize the Master training of Trainer project to support these valuable efforts in the most effective way and to offer our experience from more than 40 years’ work in international cooperation.

The project is chaired by the HE Lytou Bouapao, the Vice Minister of Education and Sports. “Developing Education means not only quantity but should have quality and use what you have learnt from expert to teach others in it, for Quality and Equal Education” he mentioned in the opening ceremony.

Co-chairs are Mr. Ounpheng Khammang the Deputy Director of Non-formal Education Department, Mr. Uwe Gartenschlaeger the Regional Director of DVV International and the Expert from RMIT University in Australia Mr. Jose Roberto Guevara, Ms. Anita Borkar from ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific for Basic and Adult Education) in India and Ms. Ushio Miura from UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand.

The objective of the project is to train within a mixed Lao/international team a group of 25-30 Master trainers of Adult Education, who will be able to provide ToT in all relevant sectors of the Lao NFE system. The project started in December 2015 end goes until December 2017.

At the end of 2015, Lao PDR will be integrated into the AEC. One of the key challenges in this context is to keep its population compatible on the new, common labor market and enable Lao people to find their way in this bigger community. An effective NFE system is one of the key success factors for this. This requires several components:
- Professional planning system, including needs analysis, budgeting and controlling
- Adequate structures for curricula and textbook development
- Capacity Building for the teachers and trainers, who should not only know their subject, but be able to use the most effective methods in teaching youth and adults

To tackle the third challenge, many countries in Europe and Asia built up capacities for training and up skilling NFE staff. This project intends to establish an adequate system for Lao PDR: In 2017, the 25-30 master trainers will be available to up skill NFE teachers at the provincial, district and village level, using a simple pyramid model, in which the NFE resource centers established on the national and provincial level can multiply the skills of the master trainers, who are in their majority staff of these structures.

The participants are come from the Non-formal Education sector in provinces, Vientiane Capital, Non-formal Education Development Center in Region, Provincial, Department of Non-formal Education, Vocational Education Development Institute, Lao Women’s Union, Lao Youth Union, Non-profit Association and DVV International.

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