Presentation of Training on Master Trainers – Tracer Study

At the end of 2019 DVV International assigned the implementation of a Tracer Study.

The Tracer Study assessed the impact of the training courses and how those may have benefitted the participants in a professional and personal context, as well as its impact on Adult Education in Laos.

Most participants stated a progress in their personal and professional development. Besides improving general knowledge and technical skills, they reported an increase in various soft skills like self-confidence, leadership or active participation. Their statement was underlined by their supervisors which all agreed in the participant’s improvement at work. Due to most participants being directly engaged in teaching activities they can actively apply the learned content in their daily work. Around 90% of the respondents passed on their acquired knowledge, through organized training settings or through a practical-oriented approach by demonstrating, to their co-workers, to also elevate their knowledge.

Despite the success the participants and superiors would still welcome more support to better apply the ToMT through: repeated training, more practical exercises and refresher courses.

Concerning the contribution of the ToMT for adult education in Lao PDR, the response from both groups were generally positive and optimistic and they declared that the theoretical foundation for reaching the national level, has been laid with the ToMT.

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